Blinds that are made of fabric which rolls out into pleats are Roman blinds, whereas Bamboo blinds are environmentally safe and all-natural blinds made of bamboo. These blinds have made their mark in the world of dcor due to which new customers are baffled as to what is the best type of blinds to go for. The following shows the various aspects you must look into before making a purchase.

1) The Look though Roman blinds come in a wider range of colors and pattern as compared to Bamboo blinds; Bamboo blinds have a rustic and authentic look which makes it more popular than Roman blinds.

2) Environment though Roman blinds are made of natural material, they are mixed with other materials for the finishing of the blinds. Bamboo blinds are made of all natural materials. The resources required to make the bamboo blinds are sustainable and can be easily grown to make more blinds without causing danger to the environment in any way. Recycling of Bamboo blinds is possible due to its natural characteristics.

3) Maintenance – natural fabric blinds like Bamboo blinds are always easier to clean and maintain as compared to Roman blinds. Dusting, vacuuming or even washing is simple and can be done by any individual. Roman blinds are not easy to clean easily if oil grimes are stuck on the blinds. Bamboo blinds need to be dusted every four to five days or washed once a month; this results in the blinds looking as good as new. It is tough to get oil grimes off of Roman blinds and on constant washing; the blinds may fade in color and freshness.

4) Life-span adding a smooth edge aspect to the bamboo blinds can extend the lifespan of those blinds as the delicate woodwork is intact. A tear in the Roman blind ruins the look of the blinds and also no longer serves its purpose. Replacing the entire blind is the only option. In most cases, though the blind doesnt tear easily, the faded look of the Roman blinds is discouraging to look at in a well-decorated home. The only option is a replacement which can work out to be quite expensive. Due to the remodeling of Roman blinds, it is safe to have these blinds in your home. The only point of concern is the loops present in the cords that are behind the actual blinds. Bamboo blinds have always been safe.

Roman blinds or Bamboo blinds, the variety based on requirement and purpose are plenty. Apply now to see a wide range of bamboo blinds singapore that will uplift your house from a stereotypical one.

Bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in a house. It is the place where you unwind after a hard day of work. Your day begins in the bedroom. Hence it is very important how you do up your bedroom. It should be designed in such a manner that it can give the feel of home. After a long day when you enter your bedroom, it should make you feel comfortable. Similarly while leaving for your work in the morning, you should feel rejuvenated while dressing up in your bedroom.

Here are some warm hues that can adorn your bedroom walls:

Sky blue: the classic combination of blue and white gives aquatic feel that is very soothing, especially when you come back home.

Apple green: this is another shade, which when teamed up with green curtains gives your bedroom a cool and breezy feel.

Blue floral: covering your bedroom wall with blue floral wallpaper is another good idea of doing up your bedroom wall. This gives your bedroom a vibrant feel.

Lilac: lilac or any shade of pale purple is best for a pretty and cosy look for your bedroom. Teamed with white lace curtains singapore this can truly make your bedroom look like its straight out of a fairy tale.

Lights in the bedroom:

As mentioned earlier, bedroom is where you unwind and relax. Hence the light in the bedroom should not be too bright. You can use small table lamps with a stained glass cover or frosted glass cover to minimise the glare from the bulb. However, it also important that you let in natural light into your bedroom. For this you can use light fabric, like lace, for the curtains. Also you can use frosted glass films for the windows and doors to create a soothing natural light. Here are some of benefits of frosted glass films:

Frosted glass films comes in many decorative patterns. This is the recent decorative versions of frosted glass that give your bedroom a better look.

Frosted glass films can be applied on any glass surface and can be easily removed. Hence if you someday revamp the look of the room, you can change the glass film too.

They are also sometimes used as an alternative to curtains for bedroom, balcony and even bedroom doors.

To read up more on such ideas always apply now or RSVP now to various interior decoration sites.

Once you move into a new home the choices about furnishings, upholstery, color coordinates, lighting, curtains, and the whole nine yards, become questions to ponder over. With a variety of diverse options available based on whether you want to go the traditional route or the modern way, interior dcor plays a vital role.

Window dressing has evolved over the years. The old plot of regular curtains has been upgraded to using natural products like bamboo blinds from Singapore. The styles are plenty and you will be able to find one that suits your taste. The prime advantage that window blinds bring to the table (window) is that they look stylish, they add to the beauty of any space and are extremely functional.

Bamboo blinds singapore have a way of allowing parts of the sun to peak into the room you can manage the sunlight by adjusting the blinds. You can also block out the light if you close the blinds tight, which is ideal during the summer. Not only do you keep the glare from infiltrating into the room, but you also cool the place down.

When you think about the cooling effects that bamboo brings to the home, it actually cuts back on the air conditioning costs and even heating costs. Blinds have the advantage of keeping the rooms look airy without being blas. When you turn on the fan, the air cooler or the air-conditioner, curtains tend to fly which is quite annoying if you are seated near them, unlike blinds!

Cleaning blinds is not a tedious affair; there is no necessity for water. One rule of thumb never even think of using the washing machine if you notice excessive dirt. Use a duster or a piece of cloth and wipe the blinds, they clean up rather fast. There is a durability angle when you invest in blinds for your home or commercial space. They last long and there is no chance for toddlers or pets to be entangled like so with curtains.

Visit the website if you are seriously keen on shifting from curtains to blinds. You will be amazed at the options available and once you change to the mode that ensures privacy at all times, it makes life easier. Here are valid reasons why blinds are a better choice, easy on the pocket, maintenance is a breeze, myriad choices available and you get to keep your privacy intact.

It is not always easy to change curtains as often as you possibly can. Instead of having to buy a new set for every quarter or month, it makes perfect sense to opt for something that is durable and adds aesthetic appeal. Bamboo blinds are extremely functional and look attractive, they add to the warmth and are rather advantageous down the line. Let us look at some of the reasons why bamboo, which is fast making a comeback, is the ideal choice.

It is one of the hardest raw materials available, environmentally friendly and is an ideal alternative to the regular material. The color of bamboo is so rustic and unique that it blends beautifully with any artifact or painting that you own whether the format is traditional, modern or ultra chic.

Bamboo is trendy not necessarily because it looks hip, but also because of its reliability factor and durability angle. The additional advantage while using this unique raw material is that it is extremely elegant and definitely sets the tone in the design for your home.

As an eco-friendly product, it gives you the impression that you are doing something for the planet. Many furniture manufacturers in the Asian and overseas markets are using the Japanese tradition of using bamboo. This decorative product ideal to keep the glare of the sun away adds to the dcor of the home.

The benefit of bamboo blinds is that the investment is a one-time thing. Due to this, the cost factor is much lower than the typical window shades. The durability factor also contributes to the limited amounts of spending that you have to do, because it lasts longer.

Cleaning bamboo blinds singapore is not a difficult task; in fact, it is relatively easy. You can see in many of the modern homes today, the use of this fine product. Since it is easy on the eyes, and not that heavy on the purse, it makes a welcome change. Ordinary window shades look okay but bamboo accentuates the lighting of the home.

For a happier touch in the home, grow bamboo and feel the love that this plant brings to the garden. If you are looking at buying bamboo blinds in Singapore, visit the website for innumerable ideas to use in your home or at the office. Bamboo blinds are an ideal choice to keep the sun away and they take you back to nature.

Using Facebook as a medium or form of digital marketing to market or advertise your new company, brand or business is great to make your business accessible to not only all your friends and family but to millions of people from all over the world who share the same interests and likes that you and your company have to offer.

Why is Facebook a great way to reach your target audience?

Whatever business or company that you are running or whatever brand that you are trying to sell whether it has to do with makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, or services such as stylist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, makeup artist or just about anything else, Facebook is accessed by millions of people of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds from different corners of the world every day.

Your target audience could be young girls and adult women if you’re rendering services like grooming or beauty treatments. Or your target audience could be older men looking for massage therapy services. Whichever target audience that you wish your business, brand or company to cater to, Facebook is a great platform to start off your business on to gain recognition, popularity, and momentum to build a name for yourself and hopefully sales too.

How to reach your target audience using your Facebook page?

Once you’ve created a separate page on Facebook for your brand, company or business and given it a catchy name you need to start building it to make it more attractive, engaging and appealing to all kinds of audiences before you can reach your main target audience.

Start filling in all the relevant information about where you operate your business hours and how to reach you in the case of queries from prospective clients. Give a detailed description of the kind of products that you are making and selling or the kind of services that you are rendering and most importantly – WHY people need to start using these products or services and what sets them apart from the rest.

Make your page visually appealing to your target audience by putting as many images as possible to help people identify what you do. Share posts, images and write ups on what famous people think about the business, product or service that you are trying to sell because your target audience will be more convinced if a celebrity endorses what you are trying to market and sell.

Make sure to advertise your business Facebook page to everyone possible using every channel of digital marketing. Post the link on your other social networking accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and mention it in your email, business letterheads, cards, and just about everywhere else you can think of. Invite your friends and family to like your page and encourage them to share it with others who might be interested in your products/services.

Visibiliti is an online digital marketing agency located in Singapore that can help you revamp your Facebook page for your brand or business and help build your clientele and sales using Facebook marketing .

With the ever-increasing growth of digital media popularity, even the smallest of businesses in Singapore have some kind of digital presence. Be it a Facebook page or a website, business owners are now aware that their online presence is critical to their expansion and profitability. In this world of digitalization, traditional marketing methodologies are losing out to digital marketing in several ways.

Cost effectiveness

Traditional channels like TV ads or print media are very on TV come during breaks and may or may not be viewed by the user at all. However, this is not the case with digital marketing Singapore With little resources, your business can grow effectively through a channel that promotes your products and services to a massive range of audience that is actually interested in it.

Real-time customer service

As opposed to traditional marketing, where communication with consumer is one sided, digital marketing channels provide you the option of real-time customer engagement. Through interaction with your target audience, you can drive revenue growth by customizing the offers as per their requirement. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher chances of their retention. By taking feedback from customers, you have the chances to resolve their issues and improve the quality of your services.

Competition with larger corporations

Digital marketing provides you an efficient platform to stay at par with the business giants in the market. Traditionally, a small time business would not be able to afford the flawless advertising of their larger competitors. However a crisp, well-formatted website with a fabulous customer service to its testimony is a sure shot winner in the digital world.

Greater exposure

A single digital marketing campaign can be viewed throughout the world at any given time. In order to achieve this level of exposure through traditional marketing, the costs would be substantial. You just need to optimize your keyword search content on the website and achieve a high visibility ranking of your website for a longer term at lower costs.

Business goes viral

Digital marketing through social media enables your message to be shared across a massive customer base within minutes. By making optimum use of the share buttons on your website you can make a single post or ad go viral. You can acquire new prospects more easily and quickly. However, a traditional marketing channel like a sales flyer or snail mail cannot achieve a similar response in such short time.

Digital marketing is able to connect you with the consumer across many levels which the traditional marketing cannot. The ease and speed of conversions that you can achieve through a well designed digital marketing campaign is unmatched, and can never be achieved through traditional marketing.