Keeping Your Infant Safe When Using a Baby Pillow

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. You are not only taking on the responsibility of ensuring your baby has all his needs met but is safe as well. A baby pillow will help prevent the flat head syndrome, improve blood circulation, and even ensure the air circulation around the baby is sufficient to guarantee comfort. However, how you use the safe baby pillows in Singapore will determine how safe your baby is as he rests. 

Avoid pillows that have microbead filling.

Baby pillows with microbead fillings might attract the baby’s interest, and he may even enjoy the soothing feeling when moving his head on the pillow. However, should the pillow rip, the beads fall out, and your baby might accidentally swallow the bead. This is a choking hazard, and it can lead to other health complications. 

Avoid pillows with feathers and scented stuffing.

Pillow manufacturers use different mechanisms to attract parents to their brand of pillows. Some even use scented pillow stuffing. Often, these scents are so appealing and are marketed as such to make you feel like your baby will enjoy the pillow more because of the scent. 

However, it is important to remember you do not know if your baby will have an allergic reaction to the scent. Even if your child doesn’t immediately react, there is no reason to assume it will not happen later. 

Some parents also opt for baby pillow Singapore with feather stuffing because it is soft and comfortable for babies. While the decision to go for the most comfortable pillow is valid, the challenge is the feather stuffing releases particles into the air. 

This may cause an allergic reaction. If your baby suffers from regular unexplained flu or keeps sneezing when using the pillow, chances are the stuffing is irritating him. 

Get a baby pillow that fits the crib.

If your baby sleeps in a crib and is at the age where he moves a lot, it is best to use a baby pillow that fits the crib perfectly. This way, as your baby moves, the pillow will remain in place.

Smaller pillows can easily slip, causing your baby to lie flat on the bed. This can interfere with your baby’s sleep. Additionally, it can be risky because your baby can find his way under the pillow, and this can lead to suffocation. 

Use a flat and firm baby pillow.

When buying a baby pillow Singapore for your infant or toddler, it is best to get a flat and firm pillow. Older children can comfortably use the same pillow as yours because their bodies are large enough to allow them to sleep on larger pillows comfortably. However, babies need flatter and soft pillows. A baby pillow at least 3cm thick is ideal for babies below a year old. A thicker pillow will not only leave your infant uncomfortable but can also alter the baby’s posture. 

Keep the baby pillow clean.

When your baby uses the baby pillow daily, it is easy to keep putting off the cleaning routine because he needs it. However, it is best to appreciate that the pillow is a breeding ground for infections. 

Dust, milk, oil, sweat, and dampness can accumulate germs on the pillow. The outcome may be a rash on your baby’s skin or other infection that may result in poor health. Ensure you clean the baby pillow Singapore regularly and confirm it is completely dry before using it again. 

Babies are regularly exposed to safety hazards. However, you can minimize the risks surrounding your baby by taking precautions to keep your baby safe.