Why is There an in Influx of Customizable Mattresses in Singapore?

Recently, Singapore has seen an influx of expatriates living in the country. The people usually belong to New Zealand, Australia, Europe and India, where except for India the average height is taller than a regular local here in Singapore. These people tend to bring their own bedding from their countries for their comfort. The major reason that accounts to this is because in Singapore the mattress size is smaller than internationally, at only 190cm when in the rest of the world its 200cm or sometimes more. When people prefer bringing their own beddings, they require mattresses that fit into those. Thus, this is why they prefer to customize mattresses for themselves. It seems naive to get an entirely new set of furniture, when you have your own but since the want a mattress that should fit into that frame, a customizable mattress is the best option for those people: https://sofzsleep.net/customise/

There is diversity in the body types, needs and requirements of many people therefore the standard dimensions available for beds and mattresses might not always suit everyone. If there is an option of getting one made that fits you perfectly, what can be better than that?

Finding the mattress as per furniture choice

In addition to this, the standard shape of all mattresses is a large square and sometimes people have unique shaped furniture materials that they want the mattress to fit into.  For them, the only solution is to have one made specific to the dimensions of the assorted furniture. Sometimes, people can have furniture that they bought off a garage sale or an auction only to realize later that the mattress that these pieces require does not get a regular standard one. The solution for these pieces is to get a customized build from a good company.

Customized mattresses available in the market

There are many good mattress companies not only in Singapore but in the global market as well that offer well-built solutions and personalize the experience altogether. The customer can choose from a wide range of inner materials such as memory foam, latex and innerspring or a combination or any two and get it made. The company pays a visit to get the measurements of the furniture that the mattress is to fit into and then delivers it as soon as it’s ready.

Many companies also offer trial periods for trying out the mattress and if the customer is fully satisfied than the full payments are made. They also make a wide range of shapes of the desired mattress, such as many girls like a circle bed, which is difficult to get otherwise. In addition to this, many patients of back pain also require mattresses that suit their particular body type, firmness levels and pressure on the back and not all mattresses can accommodate those feature, for these types they require custom built mattresses that suit their needs.

These companies have created many satisfied customers over the years and more people are willing to get their own mattresses custom made for the purpose of comfort and luxury.