Mistakes Parents Make When Buying a Mattress for Kids

Parenting is a journey that often comes with a few bumps here and there. Even when it may not seem like it, some parents make mistakes when buying a mattress for kids. The assumption that one mattress for children is as good as another. Even though children are growing and don’t demand much when it comes to the quality of the mattress they use, they are entitled to comfort. If you are looking for a good mattress for your child, look no further here: https://sofzsleep.net/product/children/.

Assuming the mattress thickness doesn’t matter.

How often have you seen mattresses for kids that a few inches thick and wondered if that is sufficient? It is important to remember that mattress manufacturers are in business, and they appreciate that some parents are more concerned about cost, especially since children will eventually outgrow their mattress. 

However, choosing a mattress purely because it was cheap is a mistake many parents make. Your child’s comfort should be just as important, if not more important, than the cost of the mattress. 

If the price tag is higher than your budget, you can still buy the mattress you can afford, but plan to replace it as your child grows older and puts on more weight.

Otherwise, your child is bound to start showing signs of sleep deprivation when the mattress can no longer comfortably carry his weight. 

Believing children don’t need back support.

One of the things adults consider when buying a mattress for themselves is back support. However, parents assume since children hardly ever experience aches and pains from the overuse of a mattress, they don’t need a mattress firm enough to support the back. Your child’s spine is still developing, and his body needs to be well aligned as he sleeps to ensure he remains comfortable. 

Ignoring your child’s sleeping temperature

We all have different sleeping temperatures. This is why some people need more blankets, while others are comfortable with just a sheet even when the sleep in the same house. The same happens with couples, where one partner gets too warm at night, while another complains its cold. Children also have sleeping temperatures unique to them.

Parents hardly ever consider this when buying a mattress for kids. This is why some children suddenly start waking up with their back soaked in sweat when they start using a different mattress. 

You should ask your child if he gets too warm or cold at night. If your child has a high sleep temperature, then a mattress made from memory foam is inadequate because it tends to absorb heat. 

Not taking the child mattress shopping.

Interestingly, most parents involve their children when buying them clothes and shoes, then neglect to involve them when they go mattress shopping. The assumption is mattresses are the same, so whether they pick one or another, there is no impact on the child. 

However, comfort is relative when it comes to a mattress. What may seem comfortable to you may be uncomfortable for your child. Why not take your child along so that he can test the mattress so that you can choose one that is most comfortable? 

These mistakes can be quite costly, especially if you end up paying for the wrong mattress. You especially need to involve your child in the decision when buying a mattress for kids if you have a budget limit. This way, you don’t risk getting an unsuitable mattress and lose money in the process, especially if the return policy is unfavourable.