Where to Get a Tailor Made Mattress in Singapore

The more popular need of the hour is getting a custom made mattress. Many people have development chronic and acute back and neck pains that mostly account to their incorrect posture, prolonged sitting and choice of mattress. Shopping for a mattress is not an easy job, for what may seem comfortable at the store may not seem very comfortable after a month. In the market the pieces available are those standard ones built by considering the average need of the people. But everyone is built is differently, with a different weight, body proportions and height so how can a standard solution meet their individual needs.

Singapore offers a wide range of customized beds and mattresses at a great deal and some of those top brands are mentioned below:

  • Blafink- Custom made beds and sofas
  • European Bedding
  • Dormiente Singapore
  • Sofzsleep
  • Picket&Rail Flagship Store
  • Magic Koil Mattress Studios
  • Tilam King
  • Piccolo House

The mentioned outlets have a ranking of 4 to 5 stars. They have a growing clientele as more people demand a comfort that can only be bought through personalization which these companies promise. When a buyer choose one to get made for them they company:

  • Asks them to fill out a personalized questionnaire in which all their requirements are asked along with personal preferences.
  • Then a detailed assessment of their body is made. This includes the person’s height, weight, body proportions and most important the sleeping posture.
  • The material is recommended by the company and the client is asked to analyze it. A personal of material type is also put into perspective and this is especially true for those people who suffer from allergies from certain material and for them more ecofriendly, breathable and natural materials are chosen.
  • After the mattress is delivered the customer is asked to try it out for a set number of days and any further adjustments during this time are also made.

People who suffer from body pains or those prone to having them should get a mattress that conforms to their body by providing support to all the contours that one has. It should consist of a particular density that is just right, not to firm and neither too soft. It should also provide constant care and support to the body throughout the night. A custom built mattress does just that, it understands the body better because it was specifically made for one.

Enjoy Good Night’s Sleep

Work and all day activities take a toll on a person and they require a peaceful and relaxed sleep to prep them for the harshness of the next day. Many factors are at play that account for a person to have a good night’s sleep and among all of them the fundamental is obviously the choice of surface one chooses to sleep upon. It is a choice that affects one’s health therefore while shopping for one, special emphasis has to be given to the quality, durability and of course personal comfort. One should put the requirement of their own body type at the top while getting one.