Does botox work for hyperhidrosis


The human body is a wonder-machine because nature has put in place appropriate systems to take care of every aspect of its functioning. For example, the process of sweating has been put in place for keeping the body cool. When there is a rise in the external temperature or if you indulge in activities that induce the temperature of your body to go up, you will start perspiring. Not only that, if you do strenuous exercises, or strain yourself physically, you are likely to start sweating. Experts point out that nervousness and emotional stress may also induce perspiration.

But unfortunately, some people sweat excessively. This condition has been named as hyperhidrosis. If you have been affected by this condition, your armpits, palms, and the feet may start sweating profusely. Though sweating will help in keeping the temperature of your body under control, this condition may cause discomfort to you. Even when you shake hands with others, you may not do so with confidence because of the sogginess in your hands. There are chances of skin infections affecting you as well. In short, you may feel embarrassed when you are in the company of others.

But if you think that you can tame this embarrassing problem by taking over-the-counter antiperspirants, you may be very much wrong. In fact, experts of clinics that offer services like oxygen facial in Singapore will alone be able to help you by administering Botox treatment to you.

Botox has derived its name from the fact that it is botulinum toxin of type A that is used in the treatment. It is very effective for keeping hyperhidrosis under check. That is the reason even celebrities opt for Botox. Apart from stopping the sweat, this treatment can smooth the wrinkles in the skin as well. This means that if you opt for this treatment, you will get the twin benefits of stopping your excessive sweating and looking younger than your actual age.

The middle layer of the skin of the human body is made up of collagen, elastin, sweat glands, sebaceous glands that produce oil, hair follicles, endings of the nerves and the blood vessels. The apocrine and the eccrine are the two glands that secrete sweat in our body. The places where the apocrine glands are located are the scalp, the groins and the armpits because it is in these places you will find that the number of hair follicles is very high. As far as eccrine glands are concerned, it is the skin all over your body in which they are located.

The sympathetic as well as the parasympathetic nervous systems of our body control both the eccrine and the apocrine glands. It is a known fact that it is these two nervous systems that have complete control over the involuntary functions of our body such as maintaining the body temperature, digestion, breathing, controlling our blood pressure and our heart rate. When your body temperature goes up due to some reason or the other, the sympathetic nervous system will swing into action and give an automatic command that the sweat glands should work and cool the temperature of your body.

During the Botox treatment, the experts in the clinic will administer the Botox injection into your skin. Immediately, the signals between the sweat glands and the nerve endings get activated. The botulism toxin in the Botox injection will bind itself with the nerve endings just at the site where the injection is administered and block the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Biology may have taught you how nerve cells produce this chemical of acetylcholine, for communicating among themselves. When this chemical is blocked, it disrupts communication between the nerve endings and the sweat glands and hence, sweat production is stopped.

Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis has got its nod of approval from the FDA of the US during the year 2004. Doctors are now administering this treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis, palmar hyperhidrosis and even for plantar hyperhidrosis.

To summarize, you can certainly benefit from this treatment, the main benefit being that you can re-discover the self-confidence you have lost due to excess sweating and the embarrassment it causes.

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