How to use paint and light in your bedroom

Bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in a house. It is the place where you unwind after a hard day of work. Your day begins in the bedroom. Hence it is very important how you do up your bedroom. It should be designed in such a manner that it can give the feel of home. After a long day when you enter your bedroom, it should make you feel comfortable. Similarly while leaving for your work in the morning, you should feel rejuvenated while dressing up in your bedroom.

Here are some warm hues that can adorn your bedroom walls:

Sky blue: the classic combination of blue and white gives aquatic feel that is very soothing, especially when you come back home.

Apple green: this is another shade, which when teamed up with green curtains gives your bedroom a cool and breezy feel.

Blue floral: covering your bedroom wall with blue floral wallpaper is another good idea of doing up your bedroom wall. This gives your bedroom a vibrant feel.

Lilac: lilac or any shade of pale purple is best for a pretty and cosy look for your bedroom. Teamed with white lace curtains singapore this can truly make your bedroom look like its straight out of a fairy tale.

Lights in the bedroom:

As mentioned earlier, bedroom is where you unwind and relax. Hence the light in the bedroom should not be too bright. You can use small table lamps with a stained glass cover or frosted glass cover to minimise the glare from the bulb. However, it also important that you let in natural light into your bedroom. For this you can use light fabric, like lace, for the curtains. Also you can use frosted glass films for the windows and doors to create a soothing natural light. Here are some of benefits of frosted glass films:

Frosted glass films comes in many decorative patterns. This is the recent decorative versions of frosted glass that give your bedroom a better look.

Frosted glass films can be applied on any glass surface and can be easily removed. Hence if you someday revamp the look of the room, you can change the glass film too.

They are also sometimes used as an alternative to curtains for bedroom, balcony and even bedroom doors.

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