Bamboo Blinds Vs Roman Blinds

Blinds that are made of fabric which rolls out into pleats are Roman blinds, whereas Bamboo blinds are environmentally safe and all-natural blinds made of bamboo. These blinds have made their mark in the world of dcor due to which new customers are baffled as to what is the best type of blinds to go for. The following shows the various aspects you must look into before making a purchase.

1) The Look though Roman blinds come in a wider range of colors and pattern as compared to Bamboo blinds; Bamboo blinds have a rustic and authentic look which makes it more popular than Roman blinds.

2) Environment though Roman blinds are made of natural material, they are mixed with other materials for the finishing of the blinds. Bamboo blinds are made of all natural materials. The resources required to make the bamboo blinds are sustainable and can be easily grown to make more blinds without causing danger to the environment in any way. Recycling of Bamboo blinds is possible due to its natural characteristics.

3) Maintenance – natural fabric blinds like Bamboo blinds are always easier to clean and maintain as compared to Roman blinds. Dusting, vacuuming or even washing is simple and can be done by any individual. Roman blinds are not easy to clean easily if oil grimes are stuck on the blinds. Bamboo blinds need to be dusted every four to five days or washed once a month; this results in the blinds looking as good as new. It is tough to get oil grimes off of Roman blinds and on constant washing; the blinds may fade in color and freshness.

4) Life-span adding a smooth edge aspect to the bamboo blinds can extend the lifespan of those blinds as the delicate woodwork is intact. A tear in the Roman blind ruins the look of the blinds and also no longer serves its purpose. Replacing the entire blind is the only option. In most cases, though the blind doesnt tear easily, the faded look of the Roman blinds is discouraging to look at in a well-decorated home. The only option is a replacement which can work out to be quite expensive. Due to the remodeling of Roman blinds, it is safe to have these blinds in your home. The only point of concern is the loops present in the cords that are behind the actual blinds. Bamboo blinds have always been safe.

Roman blinds or Bamboo blinds, the variety based on requirement and purpose are plenty. Apply now to see a wide range of bamboo blinds singapore that will uplift your house from a stereotypical one.

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